I am making changes in my book, Know Your Chakras – Introduction to Energy Medicine. I can’t believe what a good book it is.

I need to read the book often to remind myself to stay grounded and let go of those things that I can’t control.

It stinks to be in a stuck cycle. The stuck cycle becomes repetitive and before I know it I am spiraling down into a dark hole.

From my book, Know Your Chakras – Introduction to Energy Medicine

“You can come back to balance by being mindful of everything you do and say. When I feel like I am beginning to spiral down into my darkness, I stop for two to five minutes and focus on my breathing until my frustrations beg

in to release. You will be surprise how powerful two minutes of breathing can help to release pent-up negative emotions. During my breathing exercises, I let go of impatience and meditate into peace”

You can break out of your negativity cycle. Get your copy of Know Your Chakras– Introduction to Energy Medicine today.

As part of the Healing Place’s Pay It Forward campaign, we will be donating proceeds to Ben Speaks for the month of June.

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