It wasn’t until the 1800s that French chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur and German physician and pioneering microbiologist Robert Koch discovered some bacteria that could cause fatal and physical deformation diseases such as tuberculosis and smallpox. People started to understand the importance of keeping themselves clean to help prevent such illnesses.

Those discoveries were a keynote in creating a society obsessed with personal hygiene. Each year Americans spend billions of dollars on shampoos, soaps, perfumes, bathroom products, and deodorants to be hygienic! We spend so much time staying physically healthy, that we neglect our ability to be energetically healthy.

What is Energetic Hygiene?
All living beings are made of energy and matter. This invisible energy is called Prana, which is our vital-life-energy that keeps us vibrant, active, physically and emotionally healthy, alive and well-balanced. Having balanced energy is essential to our physical and emotional well-being.
When our energy is balanced, we feel healthy, joyful, happy, and light. When it’s unbalanced, we feel tired, sick and drained.

For example, when you feel a negative vibe from someone, such as a family member, friend or co-worker, you may feel drained, depressed, or even angry after talking or spending time with them.

Why are you feeling this negativity? Without your awareness, you’re absorbing the other person’s negative energy, much like a sponge. These “energy vampires” need you and look for you because you always make them feel incredible meanwhile you are left feeling tired and drained after your encounter with them.

From time-to-time, everyone, including positive and negative people, can become energy vampires to some degree. Most of the time, we prey on people unconsciously by thinking we “don’t do that to others, or they won’t mind!” But in actuality, we are doing more harm than we think.

The most common energy vampire personalities are:
• The Blamer – It’s always someone else’s fault. They can never seem to take responsibility for their actions.
• The Charmer – The Joker and the smooth talker. They take and drain energy without your knowledge.
• The Complainer, the Whiner, and the Venter – I call these people the “Energy Suckers.” Their primary focus is not carrying out a conversation with you, but to dump their troubles on you without letting you respond. Their personal objective is “letting everything go” by dumping their negativity on others, regardless of how it affects the receiver.
• The Drama Queen – They need to be the center of attention and everything has to evolve around them.
• The Gossiper – They look to stir up controversy to feel alive.
• The Green-Eyed Monster – Jealousy is a strong trait. They are not satisfied with what they have and want what you have. They are in competition with everyone.
• The Guilt Tripper – They shame others to get what they want.
• The Insecure – They tend to have low self-esteem, and tend to compare and attack when least expected.
• The Paranoid – They believe someone is out to get them, and intent to gossip about others. They are highly anxious and fearful.
• The Victim – The world is against them. They can’t catch a break.

Positive people are a beacon for attracting energy vampires. They look for them as a food source to uplift their energy, for joy and happiness. What’s worse, if you are an extremely sensitive person, these negative and dark energies will affect you on a deeper level.

Without realizing it, you have absorbed their dark energy and treat it like it’s your own. You may start to wonder why you’re constantly getting sick or are in pain, or why you can’t break a depression cycle.

Ways to counteract energy vampires:
1. Know who they are and set boundaries.
2. Know when to say “no” and when to walk away.
3. Stay neutral and don’t respond.
4. Put the responsibility back on them, and ask them what they are planning to do about the situation.
5. Don’t rescue them without good reason.

We are all guilty of occasionally being an unconscious energy vampire. Realizing when you become one is the beginning of learning how to keep your energy consistently positive by learning how to recycle your energy instead of leaking it out of your body through the words you say. Your energy will stay uplifted. You won’t experience the high and lows of energy conflicts. You will feel physically and emotionally healthier.

About the writer – Helen Chin Lui is a certified Reflexologist, certified energy medicine practitioner, Reiki Master and teacher. If you are interest how Energy Medicine can help you to alleviate and break the negative energy cycle, please schedule a FREE consultation online or call  508 359-6463.

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