Know Your Chakras:Introduction to Energy Medicine – The Book

How chakras affect your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

by Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Certified Reflexologist, and Usui Reiki Master/Teacher of the Healing Place LLC and Healing Place Energy School LLC

NOW is the Time to Reclaim Your Powerful Energy!

If you are a slave to your emotions

If you live in constant state of doubt and fear

If you’re stuck and can’t move ahead

Know Your Chakras is for you!

Everyone can break their stuck cycle, somewhere along the way we have forgotten how or were never taught! The typical solution– “don’t worry, your problems will go away.” What happens when they don’t go away and begins piling up? Then the inner turmoil begins, battling between excessive and deficient energy flow.

Break the Stuck Today!

You can transform your life from one of doubt, worry and fear to one of happiness and fulfillment. Choose to LIVE in harmony. 

You can make profound and significant life changes!

Just imagine feeling consistently –
  •  Feel good about yourself and the things you do
  •  Have your needs met
  •  Radiate positive energy with a high vibration
  •  Be socially engaging
  •  Manage your stress
  •  Have healthy work and personal boundaries
  •  Be a magnet for positive changes
  •  Be balanced

Learn about your energy flow in nine easy to understand and powerful lessons and then live a balanced, peaceful and joyful life.

What is being said about Know Your Chakras?

“My resolution for is to focus on mindfulness and practicing a healthier lifestyle. “Know Your Chakras” was the ideal vehicle for tuning into my inner capacities while finding a little island of peace in my busy life. Ms. Lui teaches her lessons in clear and easy to read prose and includes links to guided meditations, suggestions on proper diet, and guidance on how to correct energy imbalances by focusing on the seven chakras. She even includes homework to reinforce her lessons. Ms. Lui offers a clear pathway for an energized, more stress free and vibrant life. I highly recommend this excellent work.” by Jane M

“This book has taught me the power of knowing your chakras and in doing so Helen teaches how to stay centered and keep negative energy out. It has also taught me boundaries that you can create without the other person knowing. Helen makes it very simple to understand. Very easy reading. She event creates exercises to reinforce what you are learning. It’s a great book.”  by Sara H.

Know Your Chakras

  • Lesson 1: Meet Your Chakras
  • Lesson 2: Benefits of Having Health Chakras
  • Lesson 3: How Do Your Chakras Affect You Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually
  • Lesson 4: Know Your Seven Chakras
  • Lesson 5: Vital Organs and Emotions Associated with Your Seven Chakras
  • Lesson 6: Your Personal Energy Space, the Aura
  • Lesson 7: Power Up Your Chakras
  • Lesson 8: Be Your Chakras Best Friend
  • Lesson 9: How to Protect Your Precious Energy Resources

Bonuses to support your transformation

  • Nine homework assignments
  • Nine healing meditations (written and audio links)
  • Conscious activities to develop your mindful practices
  • Mantras to help shift your vibration to a higher level
  • Inspirations to keep you motivated

Everyone deserves to live a balance and happy life. It can be done by being mindful, proactive, and shifting your energy to a higher vibration.

About the Writer

Helen Chin Lui is a Certified Reflexologist, Certified Energy Medicine and Reiki Practitioner. She is the owner of the Healing Place LLC and Healing Place Energy School LLC in Medfield, MA. She specializes in helping adults and children to find long-lasting relief from chronic pain, digestive issues and heal hormonal imbalances naturally.

Helen Chin Lui’s Books

Helen books know your chakras and foot reflexology Reflexology Healing Medfield MAIf you would like to learn more about personal energy flow, or Reflexology techniques, get copies of Helen’s Books Know Your Chakras: Introduction to Energy Medicine or Foot Reflexology to Promote Relaxation

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