Reflexology, Reiki, Energy Healing Services in Response to COVID-19

During mandated self-quarantine and social distancing,the added safety protocols will be implemented when the doors to the Healing Place LLC reopens in June 2020. The Healing Place is here to support health and wellness.Your safety is a priority to us, and we will adhere to rigorous cleaning standards. We will do the following to keep our facility sanitize for your health. 

Healing Place’s COVID-19 Hygiene Complaint and Cleaning Practices

  • Without a doubt, frequent hand washing and hand sanitizer use.
  • Wipe down community chairs, treatment surfaces, laptops, cell phones, high touched surfaces with alcohol, or chlorine-based disinfectants.
  • Space community chairs six feet apart. We normally only see one client at a time.
  • Practitioners wear masks and gloves.
  • Change all linens and blankets for each appointment.
  • Sanitize all writing instruments

What We Ask of Clients Before Coming for Reflexology Services

  • Wash or sanitize hands before entering our clinic. 
  • Cover door knobs with tissue or sleeves before entering
  • Please put your purse in a bag
  • Bring personal pens for writing
  • We suggest you bring your own beverage

Please Do not Make or Cancel Your Reflexology Appointment When

  • You are experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms, even if they are mild unless COVID-19 test comes back negative.
  • If you have had direct contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

The Healing Place looks forward to seeing you again for Reflexology healing services, chakra balancing, Reiki, and ionic detox foot bath

About the Writer

Helen Chin Lui is a Certified Reflexologist, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Reiki Master, and teacher. She is the owner of the Healing Place LLC and Healingl Place Energy School LLC.

Healing Place LLC

Healing Place LLC specializes in helping people of all ages to break pain cycles of chronic pain, chronic digestive problems, and balance hormones naturally. If you would like to learn how Reflexology can support your health, please schedule a FREE consultation on the website or call 508.359.6463.




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