Featured HealingPlaceEnergySchool Course: 5-part, Manage Stress and Anxiety with Energy Medicine. Everyone is stressed due to the fears around pandemic, the changes in government, the economy, and the upcoming holidays. We are all juggling the best we can. Scientific studies have shown that stress is one of the primary causes of illness and diseased no one is exempt from stress. Stress not only can trigger health problems, but can eat away at your emotional health. There are many ways you can be proactive and not let stress rob you of your peace of mind. What’s your takeaway from this 5 part course?
Lesson 1: How Do Stress and Anxiety Disrupt Your Energy Flow? 15:36
Lesson 2 : Live Mindfully 13:46
Lesson 3: Your Self-Care Prescription 9:01
Lesson 4: Learn Hand Reflexology to Release Stress & Anxiety (with downloadable accompanying manual) 18:41
Lesson 5: Stress and Anxiety Releasing Meditation 21:12

Cost: $77 discount of 10% use coupon holiday2020. If you enter the coupon code you will receive 10% discount on all courses until December 31, 2020. HealingPlaceEnergySchool.com
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