This is an excerpt from Helen Chin Lui’s Book “Know Your Chakras Introduction to Energy Medicine

What are the Benefits of Having Balanced and Uplifting Chakra Centers?

If your seven chakras are healthy, each will rotate clockwise on your spine from the tailbone to the crown. Just imagine a clock placed on your body with its face facing outward, the hands of the clock will be moving to the right. This is clockwise to you, imagine placing your hand on your belly and and there is a clock lying on top, now imagine, the clock hands are moving clock wise.

How Do You Know When Your Chakras are Healthy?

The best measuring device is asking yourself how do you feel. If you feel upbeat and in a good mood, your chakras are lively and moving. Notice how you feel when you are down or sad. Does your energy feel sluggish and heavy?

When my energy is flowing, I feel a sense of peace and balance. When I feel unbalanced, everyone knows it, because I am not in a good mood. I tend to want to hide from the world for a while regrouping. I need and crave a lot of quiet time.

How Your Energy Flows

Because I am very aware of how energy flows in my body, I can fight off an energy crash before the pain peaks and overwhelms me. I know these energy crashes can lead to having health or emotional problems. Let me ask you, do you know what causes your energy to deplete? For me, my imbalances come from overworking and being stressed.

We can all overcome stressful situations by becoming aware of our feelings. Instead, too many of us ignore our feelings until we begin to spiral down into our dark emotions. By understanding how your emotions operate, you will have the power to interrupt your pain cycle before it accelerates. It is important that you see and handle your daily situations instead of letting those same situations dictate and run your life.

Honor Your Spirit Meditation

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