Good health is not just about medicine. “It’s about embracing a healthy spiritual, emotional and physical lifestyle,” said the organizers of two recent nursing health fairs on Shapiro 8.

Heather Hogan, BSN, RN, Santina Wilson, BSN, RN, and Mary Absi, Bachelor or science in Nursing (BSN), RN, received a Lily Kravitz Nursing Studies Award this year.

The award was for their research into whether implementing alternative and complementary therapies to help reduce nurses’ stress levels could lead to better patient care.


Complementary therapies comprising of Reflexology, Reiki, Massage and nutritional information were offered to the 8th floor Brigham and Women nurses as part of their first wellness program on May 17, 20012.  The theme was “Rejuvenate Today! Awaken your power through grace, serenity and peace.“

Nurses not only participated in holistic services, they were able to sample an array of healthy foods comprising of vegetables, legumes and healthy protein while listening to live, beautiful harp music.

  Reflexology Healing Medfield MA

Wellness Program coordinators, Mary Absi, BSN, RN Santina Wilson, BSN, RN Heather Hogan, BSN, RN

Reflexologist, Helen Chin Lui was invited to help nurses take a few minutes out of their hectic schedule to relax. Nurses were able to sample mini reflexology sessions comprising of relaxation techniques.

Some nurses became very relaxed and calm SO that it was almost difficult to go back to work.

Nurses give so much of themselves to the public; very rarely do they take time to take care of themselves.

They work from the moment they arrive to help to make each patient as comfortable as possible until they leave for the day.

I am pleased to help in any way even with a mini relaxation reflexology session.


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