Reflexology is a great natural alternative therapy to enhance the quality of your life. It makes use of massage techniques to stimulate nerves, mostly in the palm of your hand and bottom of your foot. These nerves branch to different glands and organs in the body.

To practice reflexology at home, you must first analyze which nerves need stimulation. For this, you could match the ailment with the right zones in your hands and feet. Once you’ve found the right zone, you could apply pressure or ask someone to do it for you. The pressure is spread to many nerve endings, and opens up pathways of energy that may have been congested. Here are a few common ailments that you could treat with reflexology.

Treat common ailments by Reflexology:
1. Headache:
You must focus on the nerve zones on the foot to relieve headaches. Gently massage your big toe in circular motions to relax the neck. Focus with increased pressure on the upper halves of each toe to pinpoint nerves connecting the head.

2. Sleep disorder:
Target the pituitary gland to get rid of all the sleep disorders. Just on the middle of the finger, you’ll find the nerve that links to the endocrine system. Apply direct pressure to this with the side of your nail. On the foot, concentrate on the middle of your big toe.

3. Stress:
You could use a technique called wrist twist to get rid of stress. To practice this, form a circle around your wrist with your thumb and index finger and twist the opposing hand back and forth about twenty times.

4. Cold and Flu:
To counter cold and flu, target the areas that correspond with sinuses, nose, throat and lungs. On the feet, focus on the side of your big toe, middle of each toe and an inch below your toes. On the hands, massage from the tip of your finger to just above the knuckle.

5. Digestion:
Take a tennis or a golf ball. Lock your fingers with the ball inside and rub it on the bottom of your palm for about 60 seconds. Also, gently run the lower third of your foot on the bottom side.

6. Back Pain
On the hands you should focus on the side of the thumb to the bottom of your wrist. Rub the bottom half of your foot on the bottom and the width where your leg meets the foot on top.

written by CureJoy Answers

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