Awareness is key to health and happiness. Pick and choose to practice something from this list everyday.

  1. Wake up and list your appreciations
  2. Kiss your spouse, children and pets
  3. Tell everyone who matters to you that you sincerely love them
  4. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how great you are and that there is no one else like you on the planet
  5. Thank all of your body parts
  6. Meditate for a few minutes to connect with the universe to find God and peace
  7. Go for a walk or exercise with your partner, children and dog(s)

  1. Go over your daily list of things to do and pick the top 3. Let the rest go
  2. Do everything with delight
  3. Laugh at least 10 times daily and smile at everyone
  4. Be intimate with your partner
  5. Do one new thing daily, even if it is small, and definitely out of your comfort zone
  6. Take an electronic break from your computer, cell phone, TV, iPad, etc

About the creator – Helen Chin Lui is a certified reflexologist and a certified energy medicine practitioner and Reiki Master. She is the founder and the owner of the HealingPlaceMed. When she isn’t seeing clients who are looking for relief from chronic digestive problems and pain, she is writing and researching to help her clients and readers. If you would like to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our practitioners, please call 508 359-6463.


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