All living creatures have seven primary and twenty- one minor energy centers or life power source known as Chakras in the body. The main ones live on the spine from the tailbone to our heads; while the minor twenty-one chakras are located throughout the body, mostly on the limbs and back.

The first main chakra lives below the pelvic bone on the spine and the seventh chakra lives on top of the head. When energy flows strongly and smoothly through all of the chakras, this energy supports good physical, emotional and spiritual health; just imagine like the electrical circuits in your home, its primary objective is to ensure that electricity flows so that your appliances are operational.

This is same for your body, your chakras are your body’s electrical circuit system, and their jobs are to keep your body healthy and functional.

Surprisingly very few people know how their internal energy circuits work. Our body’s energy flow is influenced by the way we feel and how we process our emotions.

Most of us process our emotions superficially; often our uplifting and cynical energy comes to us through external experiences such as buying or doing something or having a special someone that makes us happy. But what happens when we don’t buy things, stop doing, or the person who made us happy is no longer with us?

We are then forced to look within ourselves to find our happiness and radiate it from within.

Yes, internally processing takes a lot of work. Once you start to understand your pattern and break your cycle, this is when freedom begins. You will no longer need external validation to validate you anymore. This is POWER!

About Healing Place LLC?

Healing Place specializes in helping adults and children to find long term relief with chronic digestive problems, chronic pain, and balances hormones naturally. Our healing tools are Reflexology, Chakra Balancing and Reiki. Healing Place offers in-person healing sessions and phone consultations for individuals who are looking for a way to incorporate alternative care into their wellness programs. For more information, call (508) 359-6463, or schedule a consultation by going to

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