Allergy season is here once more. Are your sinuses stuffy? Do you have constant post nasal drip? Try these easy and quick Hand and Foot Reflexology tips. Reflexology is wonderful with helping minor and serious health issues.

By applying these quick Hand and Foot Reflexology techniques every day your sinuses can clear up in no time at all. What is best about these Reflexology tips, it only takes a minute or two and you can do it anywhere.

You can teach your family and family and they will thank you and think you are wonderful.

Tip: To move stuffy sinuses, there are reflexes on both hands and feet that encourage sinus drainage (funny, huh?) These reflexes are located at the base of each finger, thumb and toe.

Starting with one hand or foot, with your thumb and first finger, hold each side of  a finger or toe at the base and gently squeeze for 5 seconds. If there is tenderness, instead of holding for 5 seconds hold for 8, or until the tenderness subsides.

Repeat this step for each finger thumb two or three times a day. Before you know if you will be feeling better.

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