Are You New to Reiki Healing?

If you are new to Reiki, this must go to healing that is gentle and non-invasive. It is a form of energy healing that dates back hundreds of years but can be applied to the modern world more than ever.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word that translates as ‘Universal Healing Energy’. “Rei” means ‘of divine origin’, ”Ki” means ‘vital life energy’. Ki is also known as “Chi” in Chinese, or “Prana” in Sanskrit.

Reiki is also the name of the healing technique that channels this energy through a practitioner’s hands into a recipient’s energy field and body. In the Eastern theory of health and wellness we are in top form when our life energy (our Ki, or Chi, or Prana) is abundant & flowing freely through our physical & larger energetic bodies.

There are many stressors and forces in our lives that deplete or impede the flow of Ki: fatique, poor eating & exercise habits, overwork, pollution, psychosocial factors, aging, injuries. We can replenish and unblock Ki in numerous ways: doing yoga or T’ai Chi, sleeping and eating well, exercising, spending time in nature, meditating, using acupuncture, reflexology, etc.

Reiki treatment is another very powerful, effective, and pleasurable technique for opening blockages and restoring vital life energy. 


What Happens During a Reiki Treatment?

In a Reiki treatment the recipient is first interviewed by the practitioner and the concerns that will be addressed are agreed upon. The fully clothed recipient then lies on a massage table or sits in a chair. The practitioner scans the energy body for irregularities & general balance. The treatment involves the laying on of hands.

During the treatment the practitioner’s hands are resting lightly on the body or slightly above it. Usually the head, shoulders, upper chest, abdomen, back, & feet are treated. Normally the treatment lasts from 45 to 90 minutes.

Most people describe a sensation of warmth or gentle vibration coming through the practitioner’s hands. Typically clients relax quickly and deeply, frequently dropping into a near sleep, or trance state, that they find very pleasant. Most people fall asleep on the table. Almost universally people get off the table feeling happier, rested, & restored.

The full effects are often not noted until 24 to 48 hours later as the Reiki energy is introduced during the session but continues to work on the system for days afterward.

Benefits of a Reiki Treatment

Reiki brings improved peace and relaxation to anyone who wishes to try it. It is useful for reducing stress and pain, improving sleep, bolstering the immune system, and speeding healing.

Reiki can also improve concentration, energy levels, and one’s basic sense of well-being. It has proven effective in reducing agitation and speeding recovery from anesthesia & surgery, and coping with side effects of cancer treatment. It is helpful in reducing the effects of chronic and acute illnesses and supporting traditional Western medicine. 

Disclaimer: Reiki is a complementary or adjunct therapy for your over all healing and not a substitution for traditional medical care.

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