Do You Have Ringing of the Ear or Tinnitus?

One of five people experience the perception of noise or ringing in one or both ears that can lead to tinnitus. Ringing is caused by damaged or lost sensory or auditory hair cells in the inner ear’s cochlea.

We are born with 16,000 hair cells within the cochlea. These cells allow the brain to detect and interpret sounds. It takes a loss of 30-50% of damaged or dead hair cells before a hearing machine can detect hearing loss. It is estimated that one-third of those with hearing loss will develop tinnitus.


Ringing of the Ear

Tinnitus is described as a ringing in the ear even when there is no external sound is present. It can also be a type of constant phantom noise, such as buzzing.

Ringing or buzzing noise can be constant or come and go, often associated with hearing loss. Hearing loss can be caused by exposure to loud sounds, music, whiplash, head injuries, too much ear wax, or medication side effects.

There is no cure for tinnitus. However, tinnitus can be temporary or persistent, mild or severe, gradual, or come on instantly. The treatment goal is to manage sound perception.


How Does Reflexology Helps to Relieve Tinnitus Discomfort?

Reflexology is a noninvasive and gentle alternative medicine. By applying pressure to reflex points located on the feet, hands and ears, messages are sent to the brain to indicate that there is an energy imbalance in the ears. The brain recognizes these messages and then sends healing signals to that part of the body to start the healing process. Reflexology will NOT cure tinnitus.

There is a reflexology point that corresponds to every organ, glands, and tissues in the body. By pressing firmly (not painfully) on these points, the body recognizes where the imbalances are and starts the healing process. Many people have found tremendous relief from chronic pain and are grateful. The best part about it is that it only takes minutes to apply.


Ear and Foot Reflexology

There are two Reflexology methods that you can try at home, Ear Reflexology and Foot Reflexology. You may combine both feet and ear methods or if you are not up to doing both, do the ear reflexology technique one day and the feet the next.

Feet, hands and ears have thousands of nerve endings. In the feet, the nerve endings for the ears are located under the fourth and third toes of each foot and hands.. Starting with the right foot or right hand, press firmly under fourth and third toe or finger for 3 seconds, release and repeat for two more times. Repeat on the left foot and hand.

In the ears, the ear reflexology points are located where you would insert an earring; on right earlobe, the ear point is located on the right side of the hole and the left ear lobe, the ear reflex point is on the left side of the earring hole.

Start with the right ear lobe, stroke from the top to the bottom of the right side ear lobe over and over for 10 seconds and do the same for the left ear lobe.

Practice this technique several times a day until you start to feel better.


Video: Are Your Ears Ringing? Tinnitus? Reflexology Can Help!


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