How to Use Acupuncture Point Spleen 6 in Reflexology

Acupuncture Spleen 6 – is widely used as a vital acupressure-acupuncture point and can be pressed during a reflexology session. Acupuncturists use this point to harmonize the spleen’s energetic organ system. Spleen 6 is also an essential point to reflex in a Reflexology session for wellness, stress, and anxiety reduction and harmonize chakras for optimal energy flow.

Spleen, Kidneys, and Liver Points

This point stimulates three major meridian points – spleen, kidney, and liver; located three fingers height, inside (medial) on both ankles just behind the tibia bone. About everyone will know it when this point pressed; it is usually a very tender spot.

How Often to Apply

By manipulating this one point, it can strengthen the spleen, kidney, and liver organs by eliminating dampness, nourishes the blood by invigorating it.
Spleen 6 can also relieve painful digestion symptoms, irregular menstruation, and menopause by opening vital energy centers throughout the body.
Press gently anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds on each ankle once a day or several times a week. Drink water to flush toxins after pressing.

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