Reiki Questions You Want to Ask?

Join Healing Place Energy School’s Reiki Masters Helen Chin Lui and Robin Bornstein for a live Reiki Healing Podcast — You are Powerfully Enough.

We invite you to join us for a discussion and participate in a healing meditation. Now is the time to recognize your strength instead of dwelling on what you don’t have.  


When and Where Can I get my Reiki Questions Answered?

 See you on Tuesday, Feb 7 at 7 pm EDT on Become a subscriber and become a member of our 24,000 member tribe. You can stop the madness and learn to celebrate your greatness? We love hearing from you!


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About the Instructor, Writer, Reflexologist, Author and Filmmaker

helen giving reflexology Reflexology Healing Medfield MAHelen Chin Lui is a Certified Reflexologist, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Reiki Master, and teacher. She is the owner of Healing Place LLC and Healing Place Energy School LLC.


Healing Place LLC

Healing Place LLC specializes in helping people of all ages break the pain cycles of chronic pain and chronic digestive problems and naturally balances hormones. If you would like to learn how Reflexology can support your health, please schedule a FREE consultation on the website or call 508.359.6463.

Healing Place Energy School LLC

Want to learn how to better care for yourself and your loved one with holistic medicine? Become a member of We offer courses in self-care courses: Energy Medicine, Mindful, Reflexology, Meditations, and Self-Awareness. All courses are taken from the privacy of your home. These are empowering self-care and self-help classes that teach lifelong skills.


Helen books know your chakras and foot reflexology Reflexology Healing Medfield MAHelen Chin Lui’s Empowering Books

Get Helen’s Books today and share the knowledge. Know Your Chakras and Foot Reflexology to Promote Relaxation.





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