Chakra BalancingChakra healing can accelerate physical and emotional healing process by:

  • Releasing past and current emotional pain
  • Correcting energy imbalances
  • Eliminating the feeling that something is missing
  • Breaking non-supportive and negative thought patterns
  • Freeing from the cycle of limiting beliefs
  • Supporting life purpose work


How can Chakra Healing Help You?

Health – With cases of energy interruption in your vital organs and glands. Correcting chakra energy flows in all organs and glands.

Stuck in a Rut? – Feeling like you are stuck and no matter what you do you can’t break the repetitious cycle. Most of the time this come from deep seeded fear of believing you are not worthy, don’t have the education, and lack confidence. We can help you to open the first chakra to break this sabotaging cycle.

Emotional – Most emotional issues caused by years of repeatedly listening and believing limited beliefs programmed by family and friends, teachers and spiritual leaders. We can help you to open your second and fourth chakras so that you can let go of these unproductive thought patterns.

Lack Self-Esteem? – No matter what you do or how hard you work, you feel like you’re not good enough, and it will never be good enough? It is a recording that continuously plays in your head.  You can be so much more by balancing and adjusting the energy in the third chakra.

Can’t Find the Love of Your Life – First of all the love of your life should be ‘you’! Then it is time to attract a partner. Learning to value yourself first and honoring yourself is the work of the fourth chakra, then a partner will come.

Do You Feel Voiceless?– Do you have words stuck in your throat that are trying to get out, but you worry how your words will be received? With balancing the fifth chakra, you will learn to become comfortable in expressing your words.

Are you afraid of your intuitive powers? Everyone has natural intuition ability. By balancing the energy in the ‘third eye,’ you can control how to use your intuition, how much, and how often.

Has the awakening process begun? At some point, everyone wants to learn what is their life purpose work. By connecting to source or the universe, you can sense which direction to take in a gentle and non-threatening manner.


Chakra Healing FAQS

How do I know if my chakras are balanced?

First of all, you just feel good. You feel balanced, relaxed, whole, healthy and light. You feel everything in your life is going well for you. All or most of your projects are flowing the way you like.

Everyone associated with you, either professionally or personally, is attracted to your energy and wants to be with you. In some cases, you are the life of the party, and everyone seeks your company. You are a “people magnet” because you radiate such positive energy that people want to be with you.

How do I know if my chakras are OUT of balance?

If you are out of balance, you will know it immediately! Your clues include you feel awful, depressed, or something is not right, and no one wants to be with you.

What makes it sad is that most people don’t know why they feel sad. It can start off with an empty feeling; sometimes in the heart or the stomach, then it spreads throughout the body. There may be days you feel like you can’t get out of bed. After a long time of not addressing the emptiness, these feelings can become seeds of illnesses.

What’s involved in a chakra balancing session?

To detect where are energy deficiencies, an energy medicine practitioner uses his or her hands to sweep the receiver’s energy field known as an aura. The sweep does not consist of any direct touching but hovers above the body to feel the energy sandwiched between the practitioner’s hands and the receiver’s body.

The sweep will begin at the feet and move towards the head. The practitioner notes where there are excessive or deficient energy spots then proceeds to balance each chakra by increasing the power or slowing it down while removing blockages and balancing each chakra.

Some healers will work only in the aura while others will touch the chakra directly (depending on the client’s comfort level.) Energy blockages can be determined very quickly once the source of pain is determined.

How many sessions will it take before you feel better?

As little as one or several sessions depending on how the client feels and respond.