Our auras contain all of the information that is available about our bodies, personalities, and emotions. That is why, when you meet someone, you get an immediate impression of that individual. That is where the phase “I like your vibe” came from. If you sense the person has healthy energy you will allow the person to come into your aura. If the person feels “yucky” or “unhealthy,” you will shy away. The aura also holds all of the information about a person’s past and present. What you may be picking up could be that person’s moods.

All animals have auras and use this energy to read other animals and survive in nature. Notice how your dog reacts to different people. We, as humans, have learned to disregard this important information to keep ourselves from quickly passing judgment on an individual. This information, whether you pick up on it, or choose to ignore it, is still there. How often have you dismissed your first impression because you were afraid of hurting someone’s feelings?

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