Don’t Grow Your Fear During the Pandemic

Everyone is terrified as the coronavirus (COVID-10) is spreading globally. Learning the news about how it has affected people in 195 countries and territories around the world with 373k people affected, and there have been reported 16k deaths as of March 23, 2020.

Pandemic Crisis

I understand it is a nerve-wracking time for everyone. However, it serves no purpose if we are panicking and living in chaos. Instead of worrying about getting sick, losing our jobs, and our 401K, our children, can we focus on the opposite energy and be grateful for what we have at this moment?

I’m not dismissing the severity of the pandemic by any means, but why grow the fear by adding more negative energy to it?

What Helen Chin Lui is Grateful For

I am grateful that I am not sick. I am in the position to help, however, and wherever I can. Even though I can’t leave my home, I can offer comfort through my online, self-care courses at the

I am grateful that this time is teaching me what matters – my health, myself, my husband and children, and my extended family and friends. I have been able to connect with others to check-in.

I am grateful that this time is reminding me to slow down and reconnect to what I matter.

It is funny, but I am not afraid of the pandemic. I am not scared of getting sick. There is power in the silence if we can see the beauty of what the lesson is teaching us. 

If you are doing everything you possibility to protect your health during this pandemic, it is time to let go of what can happen.

Don’t Grow the Fear

As the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases grows, so does the nation’s collective uncertainty grows too. Psychologists and public health experts say general anxiety is high and is fueled by the unknown, being vulnerable and powerless. 

Have trust and believe everything will turn out as positive as it can be.

Here is a Meditation to Help You to Manage Your Stress and Anxiety with Mindfulness

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