Creating Consistent Joy

What creates joy and avoiding burnout are subjects I have been thinking about lately. What is joy? How do we obtain it, and how do I sustain it? There is so much pressure to create joy for everyone during the holidays that it becomes a competition. We compare ourselves to the staged and highlighted images we see on social media and television, and we feel tremendous disappointment when we can’t keep up.

As exciting as the holidays are, holidays create stress with more demands and expectations associated with holiday preparations and gatherings.  I almost have an energy crash once Christmas is over from food preparation and cooking for my family.

Instead of focusing on the competition created by social media, family, friends, and media, what if we appreciate our oneness? I believe we will be more joyful if we embrace who we are and where we are right now instead of focusing on the competition. Stop wishing your life could be different. Give yourself “grace” by knowing you are enough? Can you imagine what your life would be like if you could see your magnificence? Create time to love yourself. If that means taking time to rejuvenate and not seeing certain people during the holidays, or if you happen to eat too many cookies, STOP feeling guilty for what you did and what you didn’t do.


Joy Killing Habits

  • Complaining and gossiping are big energy drainers
  • Procrastination and sabotaging
  • Waiting for recognition, permission, or approval to move ahead
  • Self-doubt and having attachments to outcomes
  • Living in the past or having a fear of moving head
  • Not following through

Instead of dwelling on the “whatnots,” celebrate your being and uniqueness. Learn to love and care for yourself by scheduling timeouts to reflect and avoid burnout.


Burnout Kills Joy

Burnout never goes away on its own and can become severe if not addressed. Burnout can evolve into depression, substance abuse, and even suicide that can set in quickly without your awareness. During the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, many people experienced loneliness, burnout, and depression.  Burnout is contagious that can infuse your home and workplaces with negative and dense energy.

Creating a “time out” and managing your expectations is necessary to avoid burnout. Understanding the importance of “time out” is critical to your mental and physical ability to unwind so you can recharge. Here are some things you can DO today. Learn to say to others, “I can’t or not now.”


Joy Creating with Mindfulness

  • Be realistic about what you can achieve
  • Pace yourself and give yourself plenty of time
  • Don’t overcommit
  • You don’t have to do everything at an award-winning level
  • Don’t compete with yourself or others
  • Get enough rest

If you can’t get to everything on your list, most importantly, don’t feel guilty.


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Resetting Your Joy

Instead of listening to your inner critic, reset your expectation by permitting yourself to assess your needs. You are exactly where you need to be right now. Don’t buy into the hype and the illusion that you are not enough.


Mindful Joy Resolution New Year

For the new year, instead of the usual resolutions, celebrate your accomplishments, successes, and give yourself the love and care you need without guilt.


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