You have the power to activate your inner healer and do something about the swelling in your legs and ankles. Try the ancient and non-invasive healing of Foot Reflexology.




Video Course: Holistic Kidney Health with Foot Reflexology

One out of ten Americans over the age of 20 have evidence of kidney disease. Some forms of kidney disease are progressive and can worsen as the kidneys fail and produce toxic waste buildup. You can proactively support your kidney functions with Reflexology.  


What Do Your Kidneys Do 24-7? 

The urinary system’s primary purposes are to eliminate waste from the body, regulate blood volume and blood pressure, while maintaining electrolytes and regulating metabolism and blood Ph. The kidneys are part of the renal system including the ureters, bladder, and urethra which serve as passage, storage, and voiding or urine. 


How Does Reflexology Support Kidney Functions? 

Reflexology is a science and an art. Reflex points located on the feet, hands, and ears represent the body in miniature. The nerve pathways in each foot create an electrochemical flow that communicates with the central nervous system encourages the body to relax and release toxins. The principle of Reflexology is that all reflex points, meridian pathways, and chakra regions are connected to specific organs, glands, and body functions. Reflexology promotes the elimination of stress and reinforces the body’s ability to stay healthy and vital. This preventative modality encourages wellness through relaxation and supports all body functions.


Video Course includes:

  • Reflexology Foot Map
  • Step by Step Foot Reflexology to Support Kidneys to Support Health and Prevent Kidney Stones (23:23 minutes)
  • An extensive illustrated, downloadable, PDF, E-book 


 Few Reflexology Benefits:

  • A feeling of deep calmness. Relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Promotes homeostasis – balances the normalization of all body systems
  • Promotes circulation and encourages the removal of toxins
  • Reduces stress and promotes deep relaxation
  • Increases the sense of well-being


About the Writer, Reflexologist, and Filmmaker

Helen Chin Lui is a Certified Reflexologist, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Reiki Master, and teacher. She is the owner of Healing Place LLC and Healing Place Energy School LLC.


Healing Place LLC

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