Reflexology can help with fertility issues. As more people are struggling with fertility issues, they are looking for alternative therapies to help with conception.

Reflexology can help to conceive, stay pregnant and balance hormones that may cause postpartum depression. Reflexology can help women to balance hormones naturally without medication.

Many have been helped with easing menstrual pain, balancing hormones,  pre and post menopausal and regulating menstrual cycles.

Reflexology has helped 50% of our clients to become pregnant within one to three months of weekly reflexology sessions. The remaining 50% were not helped either because Reflexology was not a right fit for them or they withdrew from the program prematurely.

The women who became pregnant with the help of Reflexology had successful deliveries of healthy babies. These women were able to achieve hormonal balance quicker and have less discomfort.

How Reflexology therapy can help with conception:

  • Stress related infertility
  • Endometriosis
  • Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Low Sperm Count
  • Blockages to the male tubes
  • Irregular periods or ovulation


A study from FDZ Research Committee in 1994, Denmark enrolled 108 women who were diagnosed as infertile. They tried to conceive for a minimum of two years and had no previous children. Forty-seven women withdrew from the study; the remaining sixty-one were given regular Reflexology sessions for eight months, twice a week.

Nine of the women (15%) became pregnant after six months, and all of the other women who had menstrual or ovulation abnormalities, completely recovered from their symptoms.

More Information: If you would like more information about how Reflexology can help with fertility, please contact the Healing Place at 508 359 6463.

Helen Chin Lui is a certified Reflexologist and certified Energy Medicine Practitioner. She is the founder and owner of the Healing Place and Healing Place Energy School in Medfield.

Helen specializes in helping clients with chronic digestive disorders and balance hormones naturally. If you would like to schedule a free 60 minute consultation or make an appointment, please call 508 359 6463 or visit her website at or

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