Body Reflexology to Relieve Constipation

Sara, age 13 needed help to relieve her painful constipation caused by antidepressant medication. The constipation medication wasn’t helping her any longer. She was in pain for several weeks before trying reflexology. She was desperate for help.

Constipation is a common digestive problem in the US, affecting 2.5 million of all ages. About 16 out of 100 adults under 60 and over 60, 33 out of 100 adults have constipation symptoms. Constipation is defined by having hard, dry bowel movements and going few than three times a week. Most people will also experience pain and difficulty passing stools or never feel that their bowels are empty out.

Medications can cause Constipation.

  • Pain relief medication used to control persistent pain and body inflammation 
  • Antihistamine
  • Antidepressants
  • Opioid pain relievers
  • Medications for urinary incontinence, blood pressure, and nausea
  • Iron supplements

How does Constipation Happen? 

The digestion process consists of food mixing with water, reducing the food into a liquid state (slurry) while moving from the stomach to the digestive tract. The digestive tract consists of the small and large intestines, also known as the colon. The colon absorbs the water from slurry, leaving waste products as stools. 

Constipation happens when food moves too slowly through the 25-35 feet of the digestive tract causing the colon to absorb too much water before stools can exist the body, making stools dry and difficult to push out. 

Keys to Good Digestion

The key to good digestive health depends on what foods we eat, drinking water (half your weight in ounces), lifestyle choices, managing stress, and exercising. 

Sara’s progress

At Sara’s 6th, once a week, reflexology session, she was much happier. She was no longer constipated. Her disposition and outlook was brighter and her energy  lightened up. Her doctor and mother decided to it was time to decreased Sara’s antidepressant medication. This news came as a bonus in addition to no longer being constipation. The last time Sara was in, she gave a big toe-thumb up because she was so pleased with her progress.

Video: Body Reflexology Tip to Move Constipation


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