We all want to feel good! One of the necessary body chemicals we need and produce is Serotonin. Not only is Serotonin a chemical, but it is a neurotransmitter that allows our nerves to communicate with each other.

Serotonin also helps with regulating mood, appetite, digestion, sleep, memory, sexual desire and function, and social behavior — low Serotonin linked to depression.

Serotonin production begins in the gut with a proper diet rich in salmon, poultry, eggs, spinach, seeds, milk, nuts, and soy. Eliminate as much processed and fast food as possible. Notice what you crave, sugar, or carbs? If these are your go-to foods, your diet is probably to acidity. 

Here are a quick foot and hand reflexology tip on to increase your happy Serotonin hormones with foot and hand Reflexology tips.

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