Self Care Is Essential For COVID Prevention

Now that we have the time to focus on our self-care regime, self-care has become a crucial practice for COVID-19 prevention. The outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide is overwhelmingly stressful, causing insurmountable fear and stress for adults and children. As hundreds of thousands of people contracted the illness and thousands have died from COVID-19, anxiety, and worry escalates. There are many worries, from catching the diseases, how to take care of loved ones who are sick, finances, work, and the list goes on.

More than ever, we need to pay attention to our own needs to stay physically and mentally well being during this panoramic. Self-care is something we should ALL practice regardless. By taking essential care of ourselves, we become better at taking care of those around us, and we can carry out our responsibilities.

Understand That Self-Care is Crucial to Your Health

Self-care isn’t being selfish, but an act of self-love. It is about knowing your worth. You ARE worth your time and effort to keep yourself physically and emotionally healthy. If you are always running on low or empty energy, how are you able to give to others? By maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself, you will be dictated to taking better care of yourself. This will support healthy body functions; your self-esteem boosts your confidence and keeps you stay motivated!

 Self Care Habits You Can Adopt Today

  1. Honor yourself – Know who you are and define your boundaries. Show everyone that you count too.
  2.  Healthy life-work balance -This is not a race. Work does not always feed into your self-esteem or define you. Overworking is just as bad as not being motivated.  
  3.  Manage your stress – Know how much is too much. Learn to walk away.
  4.  Focus on being instead of doing – Don’t make everything a priority. Have your “A” list and focus on the top 3 important tasks and let the rest go.
  5.  Get healthy – Eat whole foods and move your body. A sedentary life leads to sluggishly and an unmotivated lifestyle.
  6.  Make time for quiet while connecting to your spirit. In other words, enjoy your own company.
  7.  Choose who to spend time with – Enough with the energy vampires that drain you of your energy.
  8.  Give yourself permission to take time off and get the rest you need.
  9.  Focus on deep breathing to release stress and anxiety while oxidizing your body
  10.  Be your own best friend. Don’t let everyone tell you what you need. Trust your instincts.


Build Your Immune System with Hand Reflexology – live demonstration



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