Are you having abdominal pain? Sometimes physical pain can be caused by emotional distress. It is hard to know what is the cause of abdominal pain. Want to be proactive with your health? There is much you can do. Starting today, check out self-care and self-healing courses at


How does emotional pain manifest as physical pain?

Many emotions can lead to emotional pain. Everyone experiences these feelings from time to time, but when these feelings are intense and persistent, they can interfere with the ability to function and perform daily tasks. When we feel emotional, this causes muscle tension resulting in headaches, neck pain, and digestive problems. Some of this emotional distress can be associated with:

Sadness – we all have sadness which will eventually fade with time, but depression can impact your entire being.

Unexpressed anger and unaddressed emotions – When we hold on to resentment, loss, and regret, our body creates more fight and flight hormones, adrenaline to calm us down and help to manage our anger. The right amount of adrenaline is helpful, but too much can lead to other health issues such as anxiousness, jumpiness, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, and anxiety. 


Emotional Pain Can Be Worse than Physical Pain

Most physical pain can heal in time, but emotional pain can last a lifetime. Because emotional pain can be overwhelming, especially when ignored or never addressed, coping mechanisms can include alcohol and drug to manage the pain. These destructive methods can cause more physical damage in the long run. 


Self-Care Coping Mechanisms 

Social Support – talk to a professional or go to your peeps for emotional support. There is no shame in asking for help. 

Be Proactive – the most challenging part of emotional pain is being able to work on your needs daily.

Be Mindful – Notice what triggers and address them. Instead of dwelling on the past, can you focus on what is going right for you? Mindfulness involves being aware of your emotions, learning to accept and forgive, and letting go of control outcomes.


Live Stream 2-Part Course Coming September 2022

Certified Reflexologist Helen Chin Lui plans to give a two-part live talk in September 2022. She will be addressing how negativity affects your digestive health and how to give a digestive support foot reflexology session. Watch for more details.



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